Sunday, March 9

The Challenge

Hello folks, and a belated welcome to March. Thanks for reading and writing and allll your wonderful submissions. There's some great flash fiction in store for the rest of March, but poets, brush off your quills and stop staring epically into the distance - we need you to write something down and send it in to us, please!

Anyway, March at The Pygmy Giant brings with it a little spring challenge... Members of the Facebook group have kindly provided us with a selection of nouns, verbs and adjectives, without really knowing what they were signing up for. So here's the challenge - you have until 31st March to craft and send us a very short story of 250 words or fewer (!) which contains the all of the following words:

Marmot (look it up)

Any genre will do. Putting the words in the title doesn't count! Send all your submissions to and if there are a lot of good entries we'll put them all up on the page.

The one deemed the best by an uneducated mystery panel of judges will win a PRIZE worth perhaps as much as Five English Pounds. Yes, it's true. And you'll find out who won on April 1st. No foolin'. Go to it!

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