Wednesday, November 14

A Small Cheer

Readers, writers, accidental visitors, hello!

A giant thank you to all of you for having got The Pygmy Giant off the ground.

With the number of submissions we have received, we hope to be able to put something up every other day from now on until... well, until we get enough submissions to publish something daily. Or until we come up with another idea.

We're still looking for some more poetry and non-fiction in particular at the moment, though do keep sending in your fiction too.

I know this is a place for British writing, but please don't be all British and reserved about leaving comments. It's the only way we'll learn, as my mother might have said, and this is the first audience these pieces have got. I reckon the authors would like to know how they are being received.

So keep sending in your wonderful small-on-the-outside, giant-on-the-inside pieces. Here's to you for making it happen. Hurrah!



Quin said...

sadly, i'm only an american who has the good sense (and a lovely english nun who trained me) to spell properly.

i'll comment, and wish i could contribute.

nice site.. lovely site.. i sit in envy.. keeping my zed's and s's and my 'u's in proper order, scattering them about on 6s and my blog.

Mel said...

Well thanks awfully for reading, nonetheless! Terribly decent of you old bean, tallyho, what what.
And so forth.

Cheers Quin, just kidnap and gaffer tape any British writers you come across, stick them in the boot (sorry - trunk) of your car and drive them this way, if you're passing!