Wednesday, October 29

Moving day

Well... That's it.

The Pygmy Giant is dead; long live The Pygmy Giant - now at

Tomorrow our new and prettier incarnation will be sporting the winning piece from our birthday competition.

Watch that space.

Goodbye from here. Hello from there. And thank you for a very fun first year.

Monday, October 27

Road Rage

by Bob Clay

"Turn right now."

Who is this silly tart in that Sat Nav box that keeps giving me orders ? "I'll turn when I'm good and ready, and not before." Hah, that's telling her.

"You have missed your turning, stop and do a U turn as soon as possible."

"I'll bloody well do as I please and you won't have any say in it. I don't take orders, especially from bossy women. Up yours." Oh yes, I was starting to enjoy this.

"You have deviated from your route, you should do an immediate U turn."

"I deviated cos I'm a deviant, I'm free, I don't take orders from anybody, especially a stupid bloody bint who lives in a small box. I make my own decisions and go where I please, something a being who lives in the tight confined world of a printed circuit board could know nothing about." I glanced at the Sat Nav smugly, challenging it to defy me.

"You should stop immediately. STOP NOW!"

I laughed, loud and hard, but I should have listened, because while I had been talking to the bitch, a petrol tanker had suddenly braked to a halt in front of me. Just before I hit it, I'm sure I heard her laugh back.

Bob Clay lives in Cornwall.